Who are we?



It was in October 2005  when we arrived in beautiful Andalusia to settle. We had travelled through Spain to see where we would feel at home. There were many lovely places we saw on the road, but when we came here, we knew at once that this was our dream home.



We stood in the middle of a green valley, on a hidden piece of land. All around us were trees; orange, almond, olives and pomegranate to name but a few. A bubbling stream of clear water fed the poppies and wild flowers of many colours. Half hidden by lush vegetation was the peaceful remains of what was once an active mill. We will never forget that first encounter with this eye-catching piece of authentic rural Spain. Everything seemed to tell us it would be amazing to live here. Wow! The land and ruin were on sale for a good price  and not long after we were the grateful owners. From the beginning we had the idea not only to build a place for ourselves, but to make a number of dwellings to ensure that friends, family and others could enjoy this wonderful environment.


Dutch Charm

We are Chris and Yvonne. We lived in Den Haag, Netherlands, met in 1996 and sparked the fire that still burns. Of course, a little extra Dutch charm does no harm, so we have added 2 kids to the world, Joshua (1998), and Sebastian (2000). Both boys speak fluent Spanish and English and attend the local school. Chris is an electrician and all round handy man. He has, with help from local experts, now rebuilt the whole ruin into a comfortable home and is now involved with many other projects. Yvonne is a photographer. We live a simple life, in which friendship and hospitality are at the centre.


Our life, our land

We love: sun, peace, simplicity, nature, authenticity, hospitality, sustainability.

We try to live as naturally as possible, including wild foods, fruits and vegetables from our garden in our diet. We have abundant oranges, lemons, persimmon and nut trees. From our olive trees we easily harvest enough oil for a whole year.  We also bake organic bread.

We have expanded our family to include 3 dogs, Rogilio, Leukie and Pepper, and two cats. "This is the happiest day of my life, I have a cactus and a dog!" Said Joshua one memorable day, as we drove home from the animal rescue centre with a car full of a big spiky plant and a big happy dog!

And we have a couple of free range chickens who live in an old van.



Read on to find out more about the types of accommodation we can offer you and what there is to do nearby.



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Casa Bayacas

Casa Bayacas

Casa Bayacas

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casa Bayacas



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