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The system of channels bringing water from the high Sierra
to the lower valleys was built by the Moors, and functions
perfectly to this day.
Each piece of farm land is served by a channel.
In summer when water is scarce our "cortigo", or farm house,
is entitled to 3 hours of water per fortnight.

We store it in two large pools; one is for domestic use, the other
doubles as a swimming pool and for irrigating our land.
Every second week we empty the pools to water our trees,
clean and refill them with fresh water.

We take our drinking water from one of the many famous local
springs, a free gift from the mountains.




 Local area


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Local area






Our province is called Andalusia and the region where we live is
Las Alpujarras in the Sierra Nevada mountains. The village
nearby is called Bayacas. The nearest town you will find on
a map is Orgiva, 3kms from here. Bayacas is a tiny hamlet
in a green valley, postcard-pretty with white houses, steep
cobbled streets and an ancient church and friendly villagers.
It is as if time has stood still here and simplicity prevails.
Life is without ornament. The sounds, smells and tastes of our
valley will stay with you long after you have left us.

It is a great environment for children. Our boys are often out
with their friends, playing football in the village, climbing trees,
swimming and playing by the gentle stream. There is so
much for kids to do. It is completely safe here, no traffic to worry
about and all  the "village elders" keep a lookout for the children.

The entire province of Andalusia is famous for its natural beauty
and the authentic synthesis of man and environment. Wherever
you go in our province you will find beautiful villages and
traditional scenes; cars slow down as herds of goats cross
the road and mules waddle along carrying men and produce of
the land to the local market. Honking vans bring bread,
vegetables, clothes, furniture and a hundred other things
to sell in the outlying villages. People swim in clear cool pools of
pure mountain water. Such is Andalusia.




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